Hydrogen-On-Demand system where you run your car on Hydrogen WHEN you need it!

Alternative Fuel Sources

The technology is age old, nearly 100 years. All we’ve done is raise it from the dead and utilize a easy structure based on low cost hardware. Although there is a myriad of hydrogen generating designs out there, ours is the simplest and also the safest for the beginner.

The effects of this technology is lowered emissions and improved mileage, simply due to a MORE COMPLETE COMBUSTION. Today’s internal combustion engines suffer from poor efficiency of 20%-25%, as any mechanic will tell you; 75%-80% of the gasoline, instead of being converted to forward motion, is instead converted to pollution and carbon deposits (unburned fuel), as well as heat (global warming), vibration and noise (knocking/pinging).

THE MAIN PROBLEM IS OVERSIZED FUEL DROPLETS IN THE MIXTURE. The Hydrogen, being such a small particle, hits a droplet, cuts it into smaller droplets and attaches itself to the smaller droplets. Now the finer, hydrogen-enhanced mixture, is capable of burning more thoroughly.

The New Supply of Energy

The possibility of hydrogen as a formidable source of energy was already predicted by Jules Verne who authored  classic science fiction books such as “Journey to the Center of the Earth”, “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the  Sea”, and “Around the World in Eighty Days.” His prediction wasn’t considered serious, nevertheless.

Toyota and Chevrolet created hybrid cars that run on gasoline and hydrogen a hundred years later. Water vapor  comes out as exhaust and there’s absolutely no pollution when hydrogen is utilized as fuel.

The rising prices of gasoline and air pollution propelled the desire for alternative fuel sources. Converting to a water -guzzler from a gasoline-guzzling car isn’t expensive. If you are waiting for gas costs to hike up to $5 per gallon,  you’ll be losing hundreds of dollars by then if you do not make the switch now.

How You Can Benefit

Emissions that are harmful will be minimized, temperature is lessened, and your engine’s life prolonged are a few  benefits in converting your vehicle. As opposed to running gasoline alone, the engine doesn’t heat up as much.  With minimal heat, combustion is better; thereby, reducing the production of deposits that corrodes the engine.

As an incentive for running your car on water, a tax relief is presented as an incentive by the government. Your fuel  mileage will improve by 100%, saving you thousands of dollars.

Conversion kits that are easy to install are offered. They’re also significantly more affordable, as opposed to a brand  new hybrid vehicle.

If you wish to double your gas mileage in spite of rising gasoline prices and want cleaner emissions, you have every  reason to switch.

For the busy person who just wants a system installed in his or her car, boat or RV, HHO Kits offers full service – or ready made systems that can be installed by a local mechanic.

No modifications to the engine, computer or fuel injection systems, so any mechanic can easily install it.

                     The Best Choice

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How Oil Backs Currencies and How Breaking The Oil-Fiat Currency links will save the world

By converting your car to run off of water versus gas you will be doing much more to save planet earth than you think. You will be helping to instigate a movement that will end all wars, genocides, and hunger as we know it. This article explains how the value of currencies if affected by which currencies are accepted for payment of oil. Please note that this article only summarizes how our system of monetarism works.

When the industrialized age first began the U.S. was the top producer and exporter of petroleum. The U.S. would only accept payment for it’s oil in the form of dollars. This would force other nations to open up their markets to us. We would use our dollars, which was backed by gold at the time, and use it to pay for goods and services from other countries. After this trade the other nations would then use their dollars as payment for our oil. This would create a huge demand for dollar reserves. Nations would now have to stock up on dollar reserves in order to pay for its oil, otherwise each nation would have to open its markets to the U.S., trade its goods for dollars, and then buy its oil. It only makes sense to stock up on dollars in order to purchase oil whenever needed.

This was the tax on other nations which led to the U.S. becoming an empire. The rest of the world was now paying the U.S. “two apples for one orange” and the huge transfer of wealth began flowing into the U.S. This payment for oil denominated in dollars became known as petrodollars.

As other countries began discovering and exporting their oil it was only in the corporatacracys best interest to keep the petrodollar system alive. This foreign policy become known as dollar diplomacy which later evolved into dollar hegemony.

Around 1970, when U.S. peak oil production occured, the U.S. government asked the Saudis to pressure the OPEC producing nations to keep the petrodollar alive, in exchange for safety from the U.S. The U.S. would prevent the House of Saud (Saudi Arabias rulers) from being toppled from any external forces as long as they sold their oil in dollars only. Dollar hegemony, also known as the hidden tax on the rest of the world, has been entact and fully alive since the ’70’s, even though the U.S. is no longer the top exporter of oil!

Dollar hegemony first came under threat when Saddam Hussien decided he was no longer going to sell his oil in dollars. Instead, he decided to use the euro as acceptable payment for Iraqi oil. Some people say this was the real reason for going to war with Iraq. The Iraqi oil ministry was one of the first strongholds to be captured when the war started, and soon after oil sales were immediately changed back to the denomination of dollars only. Since the dollar was about 17% weaker in value compared to the euro at the time of the switch, Iraqs net worth of oil was instantly decreased by 17%. Since the switch, the dollar has dropped to about 72 points on the USDX, thereby further decreasing Iraqs net worth of its oil.

Now, Iran is not only selling all it’s oil in Euros, but they have launched their oil bourse. This Iranian oil bourse will compete with the New York Merchantile Exchange and the London Petroleum Exchange by selling it’s own oil, in Euros, within it’s own stock exchange, the Iranian oil bourse. This will reverse the flow of wealth out of the U.S. and into the Middle East, making Iran and it’s Euro trading partners a new superpower. If this were to happen it would disrupt the “natural order” of things, to say the least.

As you can see there is plenty of reason to show that the oil and banking monopolies are responsible for the death of mass production of water fuel cells, the “100” different versions of the electric car that have come out over the years, and the suppression of inventions to make more fuel efficient gasoline powered cars.

Once the oil-money (petrodollar / petroeuro) link has been broken nations will no longer be able to tax each other into slavery. Instead, gold backed paper or gold backed digital money will be used for payment of oil and the world will return back to the fair trade standard of having to pay only “one apple for one orange.”

What better way to help the world than to convert your own vehicle to run on water instead of petroleum based gasoline? Now you can join the alternative fuel revolution by doing your part in reducing our dependence on oil and breaking the oil-money link which plagues our world with problems.

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200 Miles On 2 Gallons of Gas

200 miles on 2 Gallons of Gas

Well it has been really busy around here trying to finish up last minute revisions of the Truckers Block (a few necessary tweaks and modifications discovered after many long run/cool down cycles) and other exciting things that we will be releasing soon. Even with the stack of things that need to be done, I needed to take a few minutes and share this email with you…


This is our mid sized hho generator for cars and trucks

This is our mid sized hho generator for cars and trucks

I have more testimonies I need to upload here (my apologies to those who have sent me your results and I have not posted them yet), but I had to take the time to post this one that just came in this morning from our long time customer/dealer/installer in Florida – Paul Hendee of Energy Evolutions.

Normally I don’t post full names to protect our customers, but Paul is a great guy and is one of our distributors as well as an installer, so I thought I would share his info in case any of you need someone in the Florida area to install or buy from.

Here is the email that just came in this morning:


“Good Morning <Bob> !

Just a note on a recent install. Two weeks ago we did an install of one of our HHO 772 Hydrogen Generators on a 2004 Ford Escape.

Two things to note about this install; it was a very difficult install (tight) and we had a very suspicious customer.

Last night i gat a call from the customer. She reported driving 200 miles on 2 gallons of gasoline with the HHO install. Needless to say – Suspicion has vanished and happiness has arrived!”

(He goes on to talk about some private negotiations…)

Now this is not the first time Paul has gotten amazing results. He was and still is, one of our top contenders with an amazing 67 mpg on this Olds Delta 88. He is also in talks with a major transportation agency so it would be foolish to make up anything, as a lot is at stake with his negotiations. Couple that with the fact that he had no problem telling me things were not working when we first started working together (it was just a faulty chip), and you understand he knows what he is doing, and has credibility with his emails. By the way, the fit issue has always been a challenge in the HHO industry and our kits are among the slimmest models out there presently. We have a new line of products to be released soon that will blow the industry away for fit and finish – stay tuned if fit is an issue with your car!



How YOU can help save thousands of US soldiers in Iraq

No matter what argument the USA government has put forward on why they had to do the Iraq war, it’s obvious that OIL is one of the reasons for the war. And because of this war in Iraq, US soldiers continue to die on a daily basis. And no matter how much you hate and scuff at the US government for the war, they didn’t have much choice. The people of USA need the oil and the government has to get it for them at ANY cost. Even at the cost of its soldiers’ lives. But do you know what is tragic? It’s the fact that such deaths from such wars as the Iraq war can be avoided! They can be avoided if we can reduce our dependence on oil. And we can reduce our dependence on oil by using alternative energy to power our vehicles and other such fuel consuming machines such as generators. As incredible as this sounds, it’s possible and even now a reality. we can do without all that oil that we consume on a daily basis, not only in the USA but all over the world. The oil we consume in powering our cars and other vehicles can be reduced drastically… … by powering our vehicles with WATER! Yes, you heard that right. We can now power our cars with water and by so doing reduce our dependence on oil. The less we get dependent on oil, the less we would need to get involved in such wars as that in Iraq. And the less we get involved in such wars, the less our soldiers will die! So, yes, you too can get involved in helping to save the lives of US soldiers in Iraq by powering your car with water and helping to spread the word about it. Click on link,

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Page (Frequently Asked Questions) About HHO 
Start Here First- If You Don’t See Your Question Answered – Feel Free To Email Us 

1. What is the best method for running my Hybrid Water Power HHO Generator?

2. If I decide to install and run it as a Hybrid fuel system, will I get rust or corrosion?

3. Do the instructions show me how to install my Hydrogen Water Power HHO Generator?

4. Will the HHO Generators work on both Fuel Injection and Carbureted engines?

5. What if I have questions- is there any tech support?

6. Is there any kind of guarantee that comes with my Hydrogen Power System?

7. What is the O2 Sensor and why does it matter?

8. Is it Safe to Use Plumbing Parts like you show in your book?

9. What do I do to protect the HHO Generator during cold weather?

10. What if I want to move the HHO Generator another vehicle?

11. How often do I need to check or change the water?

12. How do I know how many O2 Sensors I have?

13. How long does it take to get my Hybrid Water Power system?

14. Is it possible to run the vehicle on just HHO alone without any other fuel?

15. Is it dangerous to have gas under my hood?

16. Okay, I am not to mechanically inclined, what do I do then?

17. When I start to lose fuel economy and performance whats happening and what do I do?

18. Do I have to make any changes to my vehicles engine or vehicle computer?

19. How do I service or clean out my HHO generator?

1. What is the best method for running my Hybrid Water Power HHO Generator?
After installation, fill with distilled water mixed with the electrolyte. Make sure you wire it into the ignition switch so it

comes on only when engine is running. Most users achieve a 15 – 45% fuel savings average.

2. If I decide to install and run it as a Hybrid fuel system, will I get rust or corrosion?
Not any more than normal – the fuel [gas or deisel] produces more than enough heat during combustion to burn

any residual moisture. The engine temps are high enough to keep it as a vaporized steam until it exits the exhaust

system. Normal engines produce moisture and condensation all the time- the reason most exhaust systems are now

made of stainless steel.

3. Do the instructions show me how to install my Hybrid Water Power HHO Generator?

Yes, you receive full instructions. If you bought my “Build Your Own Hydrogen Generator” Book on how to build

AND install your Hybrid Water Power HHO Generator you’ll learn everything you need including simple wiring

instructions and where and how to connect the HHO Generator to your engine. If you bought one of our HHO Kits
Any person who is even mildly mechanically inclined can do it. A professional mechanic could easily do the job in a

couple of hours.

4. Will the HHO Generators work on both Fuel Injection and Carbureted engines?

Yes! On engines with a carburetor, connect the HHO outlet hose directly over the carb into the throttlebody orifice

located right over the carburetor, or in the throttle body directly under it.
On fuel injected engines, connect the HHO outlet hose to the venturi into the air intake plenum as close to the

throttle body assembly as possible.

5. What if I have questions- is there any tech support?

Yes. You can contact us anytime by email at we will reply asap. Or contact us via fax at

925-458-4886. There is no phone tech response at this time.

6. Is there any kind of guarantee that comes with my Hybrid Water Power System?

Yes there is a One Year Warranty/ 30 Day return policy on our kits and accessories.You must check all products

within 30 days of receipt to make sure none are broken or non-functioning. Most parts cannot be returned after

installation (just like an auto parts store), so check carefully within the 30 day period. The hydrogen generators are

warranteed for one year against defects in craftsmanship and are guaranteed to be functioning when sent. We do

not warranty the level of mileage increase you will get, as we have no control over the quality of install you do and

your adjustments, use of sensor enhancers, type of vehicle, etc. Warranty does not cover periodic

flushing/electrolyte replacement or build up inside resulting from lack thereof. For more warranty information, go


7. What is the O2 Sensor and why does it matter?

The O2 sensor is a small measuring device about the size of thick spark plug (a little longer). It is always located

ON the exhaust pipe. Older models (OBD1) usually just have one right before the catalytic converter, newer models

have 2, 3, 4, and a few have 5. But the only ones that matter are the ones BETWEEN the engine and catalytic

converter- these are the ones that measure the amount of O2 (oxygen) coming out of the engine. This sensor then

sends a signal to the cars computer to either INCREASE the amount of fuel it’s injecting into the engine, or


The cars computer has only been programmed with information regarding regular fuels (whatever it was designed

for). When you make an effiicient HHO generator, you are injecting a LOT more oxygen in to the engine (which is

actually GOOD, but the computer thinks something is wrong). The computer thinks the engine isn’t working

properly and adds more fuel to burn the extra oxygen. If you don’t add an EFIE, you could actually lose mileage

with an HHO gen.

Our experience has shown that the EFIE’s work better, long term. But both get you mileage increases.

CAUTION: NEVER use one of these without an HHO generator – it will cause engine to run lean and possibly burn

up your valves and othe rinternal parts.

8. Is it Safe to Use Plumbing Parts like you show in your book?

Absolutely! Don’t be deceived by the look and simplicity of the container – it was designed to be easy and

inexpensive to put together. These parts are available around the world making it accessible for millions of people to

be able to buy it, build it, and save gas, money, and clean the environment. The Black ABS parts are good to about

190 Degrees, White PVC about 170 Degrees. The container doesn’t get much hotter than about 95 – 100 Degrees,

so it’s perfectly safe. It’s also QUICK to put together so you can get up and running fast.

Just make sure you install a PRV (pressure relief valve) like we show you (costs $2.00!) so if there is a spark inside

it releases the pressure with no explosion or harm. We’ve actually tried to explode these on purpose, and the valve

works perfectly every time.

If you don’t want to build one yourself, check out our line of Hybrid Cell HHO Generators!

9. What do I do to protect the HHO Generator during cold weather?
First of all the HHO generators use distilled water and Potassium Hydroxide, or SOdium Hydroxide – an alkaline. It

can help prevent the freezing down to about zero degrees. Once the power switch is turned on the HHO gen will

immediately begin to heat up. If you want to have added protection against freezing.
1. Use denatured alcohol or ethyl alcohol, mix 1 part alcohol to every 5 parts water.
2. Insulate the circulation tank/pump and cell with foam pipe wrap insulation, get it at Home Depot or Lowes.
3. Use Gasoline Anti-freeze and add it to the bubbler water.

10. What if I want to move the HHO Hydrogen Generator to another vehicle?
It’s very easy to transfer to another vehicle, although mounting needs are different for each one. Generally in front

of the radiator in between it and the grill works well for most models. Other areas are next to the radiator or behind

the headlights.Sometimes you have to shift a few things around, but it’s worth it.

11. How often do I need to check or change the water?

It depends on the size of the container you choose to build. If yours is approximately 12″ high, and the plates are at

the bottom, you need to check the water once a week, depending on driving habits. The Hybrid Cell kits we make

come with an added reservoir that only needs to be checked periodically. Our experience has shown that maximum

time between flushes and refills is about 2-3 months depending on driving habits (just like an oil change,

maintenance is necessary to keep your hydrogen generator in optimum performance mode.

12. How do I know how many O2 Sensors I have?

Very simple- Look at your engines exhaust manifold. If you have a 4 cylinder engine- you will generally see one

sensor very close to the engine on the exhaust pipe – follow it down to the catalytic converter. If you see another

one, you’ll need a dual EFIE. If you have a 6 or 8 cylinder car, you’ll almost certainly need a dual EFIE because

there are generally 2 sensors before the catalytic converter- one on each side of the engine. They are about the size

of a large spark plug and have 1 to 5 wires going to them in general. You will have to peak under the car to find

them, but they’re all always pretty close the back side of the engine and are in the exhaust pipes BEFORE they

come together and enter the catalytic converter. To see more check out our information page on EFIE’s.

 Many cars have 2 more O2 Sensors further back- but they often don’t matter.

13. How long does it take to get my Hybrid Water Power system?

As soon as you pay for the Hybrid water power system (our manual), you will receive a receipt from our payment

processor (ClickBank) with your ID number on it. Use that ID as your password and your email address (that you

used for signing up) as your user ID. You will have full access afterwards to all books, manuals, and videos as well

as added bonuses. If you bought one of our HHO Kits, orders are processed in the order they are received.

Sometimes we get a little back ordered because of the amount of kits sold, but generally not more than a week to

10 days. If kit you ordered is in stock, it will ship within 1-3 days.

14. Is it possible to run the vehicle on just HHO alone without any other fuel?
Yes and No. There was one man (Stanley Meyer) in the 70’s who did run a system purely on water- he installed and

ran it for several years in a modified dune buggy. Unfortunately he died before it could be produced and shared

with the generl public (how convenient for the gas companies).

No one has come close to matching his efficiency, though there are a few have succeeded in running a small

generator on HHO gas alone. But there are bugs that need to be worked out yet.

15. Is it dangerous to have HHO gas under my hood?

Not any more dangerous than having gasoline under there. The HHO Generators that we teach you how to make

include a PRV (pressure relief valve) so that if there is any backfire or the hho gas gets any spark in it at all, the

PRV valve opens to allow all pressure to escape. If this happens, all you have to do is reset the valve and you are

ready to go again with no damage. Like gasoline, Hydrogen gas is explosive, which is why it helps increase your

mileage. Unlike gasoline, you make only what you need (Hydrogen on demand), so you’re not storing 20-30 gallons

of it under the back seat like gasoline or diesel. You only have a tiny amount being stored in the hoses as it is

drawn into the engine. Treat it with the same respect as you would gasoline, and you’ll be fine.

16. Okay, I am not to mechanically inclined, what do I do then?

We have people who need these but are not very mechanically inclined. There are also those that don’t want to

build a Hydrogen Generator from scratch, they just want to put one on their car and start saving gas and money. So

we have assembled HHO kits that have the Hydrogen generator already assembled, all the wiring and parts

necessary. These can be put in your car in just a few hours using our detailed instructions.

If you are not inclined, we suggest asking a neighbor, friend or relative to install it – many times they will do it for

very little money or for free because they want to see if it does work (and it does!). The other option is to take the kit

to a local mechanic with our provided instructions- a good mechanic should be able to install it within a few hours,

and you’ll be up and running.

17. When I start to lose fuel economy and performance what’s happening and what do I do?

Loss of fuel savings and performance tells us one thing without any guess work; here is what’s happening. As the

electrolyte is used and new replacement electrolyte is introduced into the generator, all of the minerals and

chemicals from the used electrolyte to HHO gas is left behind in the Generator. This over a period of time can build

up. Thats why its very important to use distilled water and the recommended electrolyte (NOT baking soda). The left

over build up of minerals gives the electrical current an avenue to conduct through the residue instead of the

internal HHO electrolyte. Remember, that electricity will take the shortest and easiest path. Symptoms will be that

the unit does not get up to operating temp or the HHO production drops off and fuel economy and performance will

begin or drop off gradually or almost completely if not tended to.

To remedy this situation, empty and flush out the hydrogen generator until you have clean flush water coming out.

If performance has dropped dramatically, get a quart of CLR from your local Ace Hardware or similar store, and

drain the power cell. Fill it up with the CLR (add some water if needed to completely cover the plates in side), let it

soak for a couple hours or overnight is better. Drain and flush with clean water.Then refill with distilled water and

fresh electrolyte [as in your original instructions]. After performing this minor service your HHO generator will start to

perform as it did originally.

Remember maintenance is necessary to keep your Hybrid Water Power HHO generator working efficiently and up to

operating temps. A good rule of thumb is to clean it out when you change your oil – just look at it as a small price to

pay for the thousands of dollars in gas savings over the year. Like everything else, it does need to have some care

and maintenance according to the demands put upon it…

18. Do I have to make any changes to my vehicles engine or vehicle computer?

On newer vehicles, the engines computer reads the info from the O2 sensor, Throttle position sensor and the Mass

air flow sensor and then makes the necessary adjustments to the fuel/air mixture automatically.

The best results are obtained using an EFIE (Electronic Fuel Injection Enhancer) which is a mini computer that

teaches your cars computer how to adjust to the fresh inflow of oxygen and hydrogen as alternative fuels (It’s kind

of like giving your engine a lung transplant). They are not expensive and we offer them available in some of our kits.

We also now carry a great new HHO Mileage Chip that works fantastic on cars to increase mileage and give better


19. How do I service or clean out my HHO generator?

Its a very easy 10 minute process, just follow the simple directions.

1) Turn off unit,remove fill and drain plugs or bottom hose.
2) Drain unit.
3) Flush with water and allow to drain.
4) Install drain plug or bottom hose and fill with fresh distilled water and electrolyte per instructions included
5) Turn on power [do not start engine].
7) Add distilled water/ electrolyte with power turned on until proper full mark on the circulation reserve or proper

level on the HHO power cell liquid sight level tubes.
8) Turn off power and you’re ready to go…