Alternative Fuel Sources

The technology is age old, nearly 100 years. All we’ve done is raise it from the dead and utilize a easy structure based on low cost hardware. Although there is a myriad of hydrogen generating designs out there, ours is the simplest and also the safest for the beginner.

The effects of this technology is lowered emissions and improved mileage, simply due to a MORE COMPLETE COMBUSTION. Today’s internal combustion engines suffer from poor efficiency of 20%-25%, as any mechanic will tell you; 75%-80% of the gasoline, instead of being converted to forward motion, is instead converted to pollution and carbon deposits (unburned fuel), as well as heat (global warming), vibration and noise (knocking/pinging).

THE MAIN PROBLEM IS OVERSIZED FUEL DROPLETS IN THE MIXTURE. The Hydrogen, being such a small particle, hits a droplet, cuts it into smaller droplets and attaches itself to the smaller droplets. Now the finer, hydrogen-enhanced mixture, is capable of burning more thoroughly.

The New Supply of Energy

The possibility of hydrogen as a formidable source of energy was already predicted by Jules Verne who authored  classic science fiction books such as “Journey to the Center of the Earth”, “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the  Sea”, and “Around the World in Eighty Days.” His prediction wasn’t considered serious, nevertheless.

Toyota and Chevrolet created hybrid cars that run on gasoline and hydrogen a hundred years later. Water vapor  comes out as exhaust and there’s absolutely no pollution when hydrogen is utilized as fuel.

The rising prices of gasoline and air pollution propelled the desire for alternative fuel sources. Converting to a water -guzzler from a gasoline-guzzling car isn’t expensive. If you are waiting for gas costs to hike up to $5 per gallon,  you’ll be losing hundreds of dollars by then if you do not make the switch now.

How You Can Benefit

Emissions that are harmful will be minimized, temperature is lessened, and your engine’s life prolonged are a few  benefits in converting your vehicle. As opposed to running gasoline alone, the engine doesn’t heat up as much.  With minimal heat, combustion is better; thereby, reducing the production of deposits that corrodes the engine.

As an incentive for running your car on water, a tax relief is presented as an incentive by the government. Your fuel  mileage will improve by 100%, saving you thousands of dollars.

Conversion kits that are easy to install are offered. They’re also significantly more affordable, as opposed to a brand  new hybrid vehicle.

If you wish to double your gas mileage in spite of rising gasoline prices and want cleaner emissions, you have every  reason to switch.

For the busy person who just wants a system installed in his or her car, boat or RV, HHO Kits offers full service – or ready made systems that can be installed by a local mechanic.

No modifications to the engine, computer or fuel injection systems, so any mechanic can easily install it.

                     The Best Choice

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