How Oil Backs Currencies and How Breaking The Oil-Fiat Currency links will save the world

By converting your car to run off of water versus gas you will be doing much more to save planet earth than you think. You will be helping to instigate a movement that will end all wars, genocides, and hunger as we know it. This article explains how the value of currencies if affected by which currencies are accepted for payment of oil. Please note that this article only summarizes how our system of monetarism works.

When the industrialized age first began the U.S. was the top producer and exporter of petroleum. The U.S. would only accept payment for it’s oil in the form of dollars. This would force other nations to open up their markets to us. We would use our dollars, which was backed by gold at the time, and use it to pay for goods and services from other countries. After this trade the other nations would then use their dollars as payment for our oil. This would create a huge demand for dollar reserves. Nations would now have to stock up on dollar reserves in order to pay for its oil, otherwise each nation would have to open its markets to the U.S., trade its goods for dollars, and then buy its oil. It only makes sense to stock up on dollars in order to purchase oil whenever needed.

This was the tax on other nations which led to the U.S. becoming an empire. The rest of the world was now paying the U.S. “two apples for one orange” and the huge transfer of wealth began flowing into the U.S. This payment for oil denominated in dollars became known as petrodollars.

As other countries began discovering and exporting their oil it was only in the corporatacracys best interest to keep the petrodollar system alive. This foreign policy become known as dollar diplomacy which later evolved into dollar hegemony.

Around 1970, when U.S. peak oil production occured, the U.S. government asked the Saudis to pressure the OPEC producing nations to keep the petrodollar alive, in exchange for safety from the U.S. The U.S. would prevent the House of Saud (Saudi Arabias rulers) from being toppled from any external forces as long as they sold their oil in dollars only. Dollar hegemony, also known as the hidden tax on the rest of the world, has been entact and fully alive since the ’70’s, even though the U.S. is no longer the top exporter of oil!

Dollar hegemony first came under threat when Saddam Hussien decided he was no longer going to sell his oil in dollars. Instead, he decided to use the euro as acceptable payment for Iraqi oil. Some people say this was the real reason for going to war with Iraq. The Iraqi oil ministry was one of the first strongholds to be captured when the war started, and soon after oil sales were immediately changed back to the denomination of dollars only. Since the dollar was about 17% weaker in value compared to the euro at the time of the switch, Iraqs net worth of oil was instantly decreased by 17%. Since the switch, the dollar has dropped to about 72 points on the USDX, thereby further decreasing Iraqs net worth of its oil.

Now, Iran is not only selling all it’s oil in Euros, but they have launched their oil bourse. This Iranian oil bourse will compete with the New York Merchantile Exchange and the London Petroleum Exchange by selling it’s own oil, in Euros, within it’s own stock exchange, the Iranian oil bourse. This will reverse the flow of wealth out of the U.S. and into the Middle East, making Iran and it’s Euro trading partners a new superpower. If this were to happen it would disrupt the “natural order” of things, to say the least.

As you can see there is plenty of reason to show that the oil and banking monopolies are responsible for the death of mass production of water fuel cells, the “100” different versions of the electric car that have come out over the years, and the suppression of inventions to make more fuel efficient gasoline powered cars.

Once the oil-money (petrodollar / petroeuro) link has been broken nations will no longer be able to tax each other into slavery. Instead, gold backed paper or gold backed digital money will be used for payment of oil and the world will return back to the fair trade standard of having to pay only “one apple for one orange.”

What better way to help the world than to convert your own vehicle to run on water instead of petroleum based gasoline? Now you can join the alternative fuel revolution by doing your part in reducing our dependence on oil and breaking the oil-money link which plagues our world with problems.

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5 responses to “How Oil Backs Currencies and How Breaking The Oil-Fiat Currency links will save the world

  1. I am doing my part converting my two vehicles. I can already feel the difference in the added power and fewer trip to the pump. Thank you.

  2. Wow this is really great, I brought the kit, it is a little costly but it beats spending 800.00 in fuel a month.
    At this point I’m willing to try it. Thank you

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