Hydrogen-On-Demand system where you run your car on Hydrogen WHEN you need it!

200 Miles On 2 Gallons of Gas

200 miles on 2 Gallons of Gas

Well it has been really busy around here trying to finish up last minute revisions of the Truckers Block (a few necessary tweaks and modifications discovered after many long run/cool down cycles) and other exciting things that we will be releasing soon. Even with the stack of things that need to be done, I needed to take a few minutes and share this email with you…


This is our mid sized hho generator for cars and trucks

This is our mid sized hho generator for cars and trucks

I have more testimonies I need to upload here (my apologies to those who have sent me your results and I have not posted them yet), but I had to take the time to post this one that just came in this morning from our long time customer/dealer/installer in Florida – Paul Hendee of Energy Evolutions.

Normally I don’t post full names to protect our customers, but Paul is a great guy and is one of our distributors as well as an installer, so I thought I would share his info in case any of you need someone in the Florida area to install or buy from.

Here is the email that just came in this morning:


“Good Morning <Bob> !

Just a note on a recent install. Two weeks ago we did an install of one of our HHO 772 Hydrogen Generators on a 2004 Ford Escape.

Two things to note about this install; it was a very difficult install (tight) and we had a very suspicious customer.

Last night i gat a call from the customer. She reported driving 200 miles on 2 gallons of gasoline with the HHO install. Needless to say – Suspicion has vanished and happiness has arrived!”

(He goes on to talk about some private negotiations…)

Now this is not the first time Paul has gotten amazing results. He was and still is, one of our top contenders with an amazing 67 mpg on this Olds Delta 88. He is also in talks with a major transportation agency so it would be foolish to make up anything, as a lot is at stake with his negotiations. Couple that with the fact that he had no problem telling me things were not working when we first started working together (it was just a faulty chip), and you understand he knows what he is doing, and has credibility with his emails. By the way, the fit issue has always been a challenge in the HHO industry and our kits are among the slimmest models out there presently. We have a new line of products to be released soon that will blow the industry away for fit and finish – stay tuned if fit is an issue with your car!



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