How YOU can help save thousands of US soldiers in Iraq

No matter what argument the USA government has put forward on why they had to do the Iraq war, it’s obvious that OIL is one of the reasons for the war. And because of this war in Iraq, US soldiers continue to die on a daily basis. And no matter how much you hate and scuff at the US government for the war, they didn’t have much choice. The people of USA need the oil and the government has to get it for them at ANY cost. Even at the cost of its soldiers’ lives. But do you know what is tragic? It’s the fact that such deaths from such wars as the Iraq war can be avoided! They can be avoided if we can reduce our dependence on oil. And we can reduce our dependence on oil by using alternative energy to power our vehicles and other such fuel consuming machines such as generators. As incredible as this sounds, it’s possible and even now a reality. we can do without all that oil that we consume on a daily basis, not only in the USA but all over the world. The oil we consume in powering our cars and other vehicles can be reduced drastically… … by powering our vehicles with WATER! Yes, you heard that right. We can now power our cars with water and by so doing reduce our dependence on oil. The less we get dependent on oil, the less we would need to get involved in such wars as that in Iraq. And the less we get involved in such wars, the less our soldiers will die! So, yes, you too can get involved in helping to save the lives of US soldiers in Iraq by powering your car with water and helping to spread the word about it. Click on link,

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